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  • 创新理念



    Tiancheng textile aims "to be the best supplier in Recycled yarns all over the word", which based on the geographical advantages of recycle yarns industry and have a global perspective view, constantly innovation in business model and product research. Nowadays,TIANCHENG is progressing the program of “RECYCOLOR”. We established a recycling program with many international brands and bring the idea of closed loop recycling into their garment manufacturing by recycling their own cutting room wastes and the used garment collect it back from the consumer to create a new garment. This method is corresponding to the low-carbon living style trend all over the world.


    天成产品设计理念Tiancheng's approach to product design


    By continuous innovation and creativities to make characteristic yarn


    Recycling with low carbon footprint life style builds a better world for humanity.


    You can enjoy the support and practice of Tiancheng company by your every innovative consciousness 



    We  believe that recycling textile industry is a green industry and which also is a sunrise industry with responsibility and imagination .

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